My work at LA Coppersmith Gallery

My work at LA Coppersmith Gallery

I was asked to show my work in a cool gallery in downtown Louisville, LA Coppersmith, the address: 915 Walnut Street.  There is a great collection of jewelry, sculpture and art.  Angela Facciotti runs it and she makes amazing Copper Wall Sculpture.  They are always open on First Fridays and lots of the artists attend.  The gallery has a Facebook page.  Stop in when you are in Louisville.

Gallery Hours:

Wednesday: 12 – 5pm

Thursday 12 – 5pm

Friday 12- 6pm

Saturday 12 -5pm

Sunday 12 -4pm


Where has the time gone? It seemed like a few days ago I was blogging in the New Year, soon after I returned from Tucson in early February and it’s mid March now!  Here’s my much belated update on my Gem Show trip:

Unpacking after my trip to Tucson made me think about how many miles I walked that week.  I’ll bet there is an app on my smart phone for that.  It’s unusual to be on your feet for 6 days straight from 10:00am until 7:00pm.  Granted the pace is slow, and the right walking shoe is paramount.  This year I counted 37 venues in the Tucson Show Guide, of which we visited 16.  Quite a few are termed, ‘mineral & fossil’ shows, and there are plenty of raw specimens, fossils, etc.  The African Art Village is a venue with art and beads.  The week is an amazing experience-very overwhelming and exhilarating too.  So hard to fall asleep each night, with visions of gems in my head swimming around.

Fuel for Gem Show

Fuel for Gem Show

Here’s a peek into some of the things we came across, and some of the food we enjoyed–all Mexican of course!  We did take one side trip to a few art galleries, where the Tucson Sculpture Festival was being shown. The Whistle Stop Depot, a reworked train depot along the  tracks at 127 West 5th Street, and the Sculpture Resource Center, 640 North Stone Ave.

fuselage door

fuselage door

Whistle Depot was made almost entirely of re-purposed materials.  The main door came from an airplane.  This wall composed of toilet tops embedded in concrete.

Wall of guess what--top o' toilets

Wall of guess what–top o’ toilets

The bathrooms were unique and had lots of metal and copper.

Cool use of copper pipe

Cool use of copper pipe

Corrugated metal surround the mirrors.

bathroom mirrors

bathroom mirrors

The sculpture exhibit featured  re-purposed art.  I apologize for not keeping a log of artists who were showing there!

Wal art at the Depot

Wall art at the Depot

At the Sculpture Resource Center nearby the other half of the Tucson Sculpture Festival was happening.  Love this piece for all its texture

Cool textural wall piece

Cool textural wall piece

This small gallery had an outside sculpture garden as well.

car bumper bird

car bumper bird

Back to the Whistle Stop Depot.  They had an entire orchestra made from metal–wish we could have heard the concert but did get a CD.

sounds made from metal

sounds made from metal

Outside, I love this wind mill.

bike parts!

bike parts!

Man of a thousand million parts…. and a close up…

check out all the innards!

check out all the innards!

Here is a close up of all the materials inside this crazy piece.



Love this use of metals and welding and wow–crazy hair!

crazy head

crazy head

On to food.  We frequent some of the same restaurants each year, this year we sat next to the table where President Clinton sat years ago and ordered an enormous amount of food.  The wait is always over an hour, as the locals love this place–order a margarita & relax at Mi Nidito.

Mi Nidito

Mi Nidito

Our other favorite is near the college campus and is run by Sandra, a woman from Guatemela, Maya Quetzal.  It’s tucked into Fourth Street where they are now running a trolley. Her business barely survived through the construction and we were happy to see the restaurant busy with people.  My favorite is the spinach stuffed Chile Relleno.

Maya Quetzal

Maya Quetzal

Our other must stop is a small local place, Taquiera Pico de Gallo.  Which happens to be a cup of fresh fruit, sprinkled with red chile powder–apparently different in regions of Mexico.  They have great fish tacos with handmade corn tortillas and if you are early enough the Horicata is heavenly.

not fancy--great food!

not fancy–great food!

El Minuto is a favorite and next door to the convention center where the AGTA show and GJX take place.  They serve a great chile relleno.

El Minuto

El Minuto

We decided to try the infamous “Sonoran Hotdog”.  A culinary treat-a hotdog wrapped in bacon, in a unique bread ‘boat’ piled with fresh onions, grilled onions, beans, tomato, mayo, mustard, and jalapeno sauce.  Reminded me somewhat of a Pinks hotdog in Hollywood.

hey--it's only once a year!

hey–it’s only once a year!

We could probably call our culinary picks in Tucson the “best dives to get great food”.  They are not fancy, but they are really good.  They are full of locals.  Our last favorite we go back to each year is Mariscos Chihuahua, for a dish I’ve not had outside of Tucson called “Camerones Culichi”  I found a guy on youtube making it once, it’s cream and chiles blended into a wonderful sauce for seafood.  We did try it one other place years ago but it was not as good.

creamy chile based sauce over shrimp

culichi sauce over shrimp

We did shorten our stay this year, as the more you shop–well, you know what I’m going to say–the more money you tend to spend! So once again, it was worth the trip, I found tons of new tools, beads, pearls, stones, etc. etc. to work with.

Cheers to a fun week!

Cheers to a fun week!

what will the new year bring?

what will the new year bring?

Happy New Year!  Can you believe another year has blown by?  WordPress notified me that I have made 152 posts since starting my blog, and soon, my blog and web site will be integrated into one, and we will leave WordPress for a new destination. I will keep you posted on the transition–should be seamless.

Ten days have already past in the new year and the last four days I have been down with the flu.  Well, a version of the flu, without the fever & chills, but all the other bells & whistles.  I thought I’d have a huge dent made in my 2012 taxes by now.  Much of the beginning of the month was spent picking my jaw off the floor when I found out that the really old version of Quicken I use for my business expenses will not convert my data into a newer version.  I am mad!  I am furious!  I’ve been online with Intuit to tell them that they left some of us high & dry.  I realize I had an old version, really old, but for the Macintosh, they did not do a lot of updates.  I have spent countless hours online doing searches for “best accounting software for a small business”, “best bookkeeping software for a sole proprietor”, “best bookkeeping software for a jeweler”, best spreadsheet–anything!!  I refuse to purchase another Intuit product!!  Help!  I just had a thought, I’ll change my search to “best software for an artist”–maybe there is something creative out there.

new ideas...

new ideas…

In four weeks, I’ll be leaving for Tucson and the wonderment of Gem Show!  Thanks to Laura for coaxing me down there over 10 years ago.  I’ll likely turn this creative blog into a ‘foodie visits Tucson’ blog like last year.  We do have our favorite Mexican restaurants–maybe we’ll try something new this year.

Goals for the new year include: trying out Goldie Bronze Clay by Hadar Jacobson, breaking in a new kiln for base metal clays, taking an enameling workshop with Linda Darty, (an amazing artist), setting stones in sterling silver, making rings & bracelets, making more texture plates, hopefully making some new tear-away sheets as mine are worn out, and last but not least, being less hard on myself and having more fun!  Oh and hauling my desktop Mac to the Apple store to get it to speed up–it is soooooo slow!

Here comes the Sun...

Here comes the Sun…

After a long fall season, things are finally winding down for me–I hope for you all as well!  I still have a collection of pieces at the Foothills Art Center in Golden.  The Holiday Art Market runs through Dec. 29th, if you received some cash for the holidays that you want to spend.  Also, the Evergreen Gallery has a great selection, Baby Does Clothing, and Heart of Oneness, both in Golden, as well as Creator Mundi in Cherry Creek North, and Barbara & Co on Old South Gaylord Street.

Looking forward to 2013, my website and blog will soon be integrated and will have a new look!  I am excited to have hired a great web designer, Jimmy Sellars, to redesign it and I hope to keep both updated often.  It’s almost ready for it’s inaugural launch.

In February, I’ll be heading down to Tucson for the amazing Gem Show.  I look forward to seeing lots of old friends and finding some amazing new materials to design with in the coming year.

I heard a great quote once, and love using it–“my best work is yet to come”.  So check back often, as I will continue to create new things in the coming year.  I often feel my life is blessed and I wish for everyone, many blessings, good health & happiness in the coming year!

For the biker, handmade pendant!

For the biker, handmade pendant!

I am participating in the Arvada Center 26th Annual Fine Art Market.  The opening reception is this Thursday, December 6th, from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm.  The admission is free, and the show runs until 5:00pm on Sunday the 16th.  I walked through the show yesterday and the gallery is full of amazing original art, ceramics, glass, and of course, one-of-a-kind jewelry.  Stop in to find a unique gift for your special someone!

And also I want to thank all who came to my Open House last weekend.  I so appreciate the support of my loyal customers, and my new customers as well.  I’m thankful for all of you!

I also have work at Foothills Art Center in Golden until December 30th.  The center is  full of handmade gift items, worth the trip to beautiful Golden, the 30 minute vacation!  And the lights at night there are worth the trip.   Happy Holidays!

Copper & sterling hammered necklaces

This Friday, November 30th, I will be participating in the Craig Hospital Holiday Craft Fair, in the gym.  The sale benefits the Craig Hospital Employee Assistance Fund.  Shopping hours are from 7 am – 4:00 pm.  There will be baked goods, and lots of handcrafted gifts, including my jewelry & ceramics.  The amazing Craig employees work tirelessly with spinal cord injury & traumatic brain injury patients.  It’s truly an amazing place, and was ranked #3 Top Work Place by the Denver Post.

And once again, my Open House is this Saturday & Sunday, December 1st & 2nd from 11 am – 4 pm.  Come by to shop and have some food & drink.

Once again, we are opening up our studio for you to come & shop.  This year, we’ll have jewelry, ceramics, mixed media, pewter & more by 15 artists.  Stop in, have some food & wine, and beat the Black Friday crowds at the mall.   Everything is handmade–so take the “Buy Handmade” challenge.  The address is 1495 Zephyr St., off Colfax, between Wadsworth & Carr.

Hours:          November 23       Friday               2:00 pm – 8:00 pm

                    November 24       Saturday          10:00 am – 5:00 pm

November 23 & 24, 2012

New smaller “petal” pearls

Opening night reception at the Foothills Art Center is tonight from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.  It’s free and open to the public, there are handmade gifts for all!  The Foothills HART is an amazing collection of gifts for the holidays.  I am one of the jewelers who will have their work for sale.  The market continues through December and closes on the 30th, just in case you receive cash from Santa and want to spend it there.

This Sunday is Sami’s Home Show.  Turn in to her neighborhood off Hampden at Poplar, then head south to Kenyon and go east.  We’ll be there from 11am – 4pm.  Stop in to nosh & shop!

Sweet necklaces, fine silver with sterling silver chains

Here’s the information for my upcoming fall shows.   The highlighted links will allow you to find out more information about the venue.  The first show is an Open House at my friend Sami’s house.  She lives in the neighborhood behind the Whole Foods on Hampden.  The Foothills HART show in Golden, runs until after Christmas.  The Zephyr Street Show takes place in the metal working studio I go to and will feature jewelry, and mixed media and ceramics.  It’s located in Lakewood off Colfax on the same block as the Rocky Mountain Harley Davidson dealership.  The Craig Hospital Craft Fair benefits the hospital, and takes place in the gym.  My Open House will be the first weekend in December.  I’ll have good eats and drink, so stop in to shop & have a bite.  The Arvada Center Fine Art Market runs for a week and a half and the admission is free.

I have an amazing array of new pearl vessels, great new earrings, and other cool new pieces.  I also have olive dishes, and other ceramic pieces.  I’ve stocked the galleries I have work in also, Evergreen Gallery has a great selection of my jewelry, Creator Mundi in Cherry Creek North, Baby Does Clothing in Golden and Willow in Littleton.  And I hope to soon have my website back up and running and my blog integrated with it.  Busy time and exciting times!  And don’t forget–every vote counts as we approach November 6th!

Foothills Holiday Art Market

809 15th Street, Golden, CO

November 9 – December 30

Sami’s Home Show

7405 E Kenyon Avenue

11 am – 4 pm

Sunday, November 11

Zephyr Street Show

1495 Zephyr Street, Lakewood, CO

Friday, November 23, 2 pm – 8 pm

Saturday, November 24, 10 am – 5 pm

Craig Hospital Craft Fair

3475 South Clarkson, Englewood, CO

November 30, 7 am – 4 pm

Candice’s Open House

382 Cherry Street, Denver, CO

Saturday December 1, 11 am – 4 pm

Sunday, December 2, 11 am – 4 pm

Arvada Center Fine Art Market

6901 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO

December 6 -December 16

enamel over copper puffed heart with touch-up

I met a woman a few years ago and she told me about a studio that had metal working equipment and a retired college metalsmith teacher running the place.  You commit to one or two days a week, or evenings, and you can use all the equipment there as well as get instruction.  At the time, it was hard to commit to going once a week especially in the summer when I am teaching summer camp and doing shows. In the last year, I decided to try and get to the studio one day a week.  It has been fruitful in many ways.  I work on things and have been sharpening my metalsmithing skills.  I complete projects!  I’m am far less distracted than when working at home.  I’m learning new things.  You can weld metal, cast, press, enamel, etch, solder, melt, roll, you name it.

no retouching here!

This photo is not retouched.  I think it could use a little tweeking–but maybe the shine of the enamel adds some depth.  I finally upgraded to Creative Suites 6, and used Photoshop to alter the top photo.

I’m getting ready for fall shows.  The first show will be the Colorado Potters Show & Sale where I’ll have metal clay jewelry and pottery for sale.  It’s November 1, 2 & 3 this year.  I’ll post the rest of my schedule soon! BTW

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My 2013 Schedule so far…

Denver Potters Assoc. Holiday Show
6th Avenue United Church
3250 E 6th Ave
Dec 5, 6, 7, & 8

Arvada Center Fine Art Market
Dec 12 - 22

My Home Holiday Show
December 13 & 14

Gallery of my Work