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Ode to Robert & Tony

I took a fun workshop through “The Artists’ Nook” in Fort Collins yesterday with Richard Salley.  It was called “The Over-the-top Hinged Bracelet” class–what fun to spend the day with old and new friends and an amazing teacher/artist!   Thanks to Christine for offering this class.  I had a bead I bought from Tony Blackwell that served as the focal, and under that I used some “faux bone” from Robert Dancik.  And with Richard’s help, we constructed the cuff, and made the hinge with cold connections.  I learned a ton, and was inspired by all the talented artists who attended the class.  I’ve had the faux bone for a few years, and the focal bead, it was a good challenge to get the two to work together.  My other challenge today was to set up my photo area in my garagio studio, in hopes that I shoot more photos of new work.  This shot was the second batch.  The fun with using a digital camera, is running back and forth to my desk in the “bead room” to look at the photos on my computer, going back to revise the set up for a better shot.

I added links to all the above mentioned names, The Artists’ Nook has lots of classes upcoming, one in fact with Robert Dancik coming soon in October.  She also offers lots of journaling workshops, a great way to express yourself.  Subscribe to their e-mail notification for notices about upcoming workshops.

Back to work, my head is swimming with new ideas–focus, focus!


fun colors from the kiln

Let’s be friends on FaceBook–if you have a Facebook page, please send me a friend request–a great way to stay in touch.  I created a page for CC Designs Art Jewelry, and a personal page, Candice Kiesow.  I believe I have a link set up to the FB page when a new blog entry is made.   I will also be taking more photos to post in my Gallery of Work on this blog.

I am still unpacking from the Golden Fine Arts Festival–thanks to all who stopped in to say hello and those who purchased  my work–a BIG thank you, I had a great show!

long pearl

I made two pearls like this one (which was photographed in my booth) and they both sold–saying good-bye was hard!  And not getting a good photo before they were sold was silly of me.  Anyway, I am working on new pearls, so keep checking back.  This is a new piece that also found a new home, it’s hard parting ways sometimes but I’m so happy when the buyer loves the piece as much as I do!

red coral heart

Leaf lentil with heavy sterling chain

After much thought–I decided I can add a Gallery page to my blog, and hopefully keep it updated.  I haven’t updated my web site in over a year.  Updating entails having photos ready, burning them to a disc, and mailing it to my web designer.  Not that hard, but with all the small details running a business, seems to get neglected.

I also created a FaceBook page for CC Designs Art Jewelry, if you go to the page and “like” you will get updates when I make a new addition to my gallery.  Much easier for me, and after talking to several web designers, they say that many folks are going to platforms like WordPress, Blogspot, etc. to keep their images fresh.

Also, come & see me at the Golden Fine Art Festival August 20 & 21.  It’s a fun small show, along the creek off Washington Street.

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