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one of the first pearl vessels....

I was suggested by my friend and amazing artist, Candice Wakumoto to be interviewed for the “Muse Personality” on Tonya Davidson’s Musings and Mullings of the metal clay variety, April 18th, 2011. You can read both of our interviews by going to Tonya’s blog. I met Tonya many years ago, my first trip to Tucson, at an informal Flame Off, where Bronwen Heilman and others were working their magic on a few torches that were set up at someone’s home.  Her company has grown into a large business, supplying metal clay and all kinds of tools. I am honored to be included in her series of interviews!  And read about my friend, Helga, the current Muse Personality.

intricacy in nature

In the interview, I mentioned nature as inspiration.  When you look at all the intricacies and colors, the details in nature, amazing…


The garden in the spring is so fragrant, delicate, in bloom…

bleeding heart

And in the sea, circular patterns inspire…

intricate shell

On to art….Amazing patterns and colors appear in art, this mask, made by an unknown artist we bought in Costa Rica, I love all the detail and again color..

Costa Rican mask

And a very old section of a stained glass piece we installed 20 years ago in our house, the detail and color I love.

stained glass

As we sit down at our bench to design, hopefully these colors & images will inspire.


reconstituting dried metal clay

I was so excited to see an article written by Lisa Cain in the recent Metalclay Artist  Magazine, Vol. 2 Issue #2 called, Reconstituting Silver Metal Clay.  I have 11 years worth of scraps I’ve saved –I know–do I throw anything away?  I gathered it all in one shoe box and started my first batch, and I was amazed, like is like a package of new clay.  So far, I’ve made three batches.  You need to grind it, sift it, add water, roll it out and then let it sit overnight.  With the price of silver going up (and down) and all these leftover scraps, it makes sense.  My next mission is to take all my fired reject silver scraps to a metal recycler.  I have the name of a company in Denver that you can take your scraps, they melt it down while you wait, pull a plug out and then tell you the percentage of metal and apparently give you a fair price.

Don’t forget to purchase a subscription to the first magazine dedicated to Metal Clay!

Mixed metal piece

How time flies, and I’m realizing my last post was so long ago!  I have been busy, really!  I’ve been working on photographs to apply to summer shows, restocking the galleries I have my jewelry featured in, and making some ceramic pieces for our Colorado Potters Spring Show & Sale, which was last weekend!  I managed to make 40 or so olive dishes, a few birdhouses, and some bowls.  That means throwing clay in my basement where you are not sure if the sun is shining or not.  I’ve also been working on some mixed metal pieces, with steel, bronze clay & silver clay.  I found a very cool class online, by CRAFTCAST, Alison Lee hosts different artists who give online classes.  You can watch it live, or later download it.  She features different artists, and podcasts a you can listen to as well.

In my personal life sadly, I lost a cousin due to alcoholism, and in March went back to Milwaukee for a very sad funeral.  He had been in rehab after falling while very drunk & hitting his head over the holidays.  Unfortunately, the brain injury facility did not keep him very long, and after 30 days in an alcohol rehab, he got out & continued to drink.  It hit me hard, as I grew up with his family of nine kids.  I’m now realizing that alcohol can kill, and is very addictive.  And the addictive brain is a strong beast.  And 52 is way too young to leave this world.

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