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new pearl series

Boy, having a second foot surgery in 7 months has really slowed me down.  Tomorrow I will go back to have the stitches out.  The Doc told me to bring a comfortable shoe.  The walking boot is getting old!  And it’s not smelling like a flower any more.  My foot is still different colors of blues & purples.  Trying to heal.  Trying to slow me down.  It has worked somewhat, as I have not posted on my blog this month very much!

This new pearl series was made for the Barbara & Co feature.  I love the pearl on the right.  It’s being held in by some feelers or something.  Very informal photo I took right before delivery.  Oh–and summer is arriving in Denver!  And it’s finals week, our house has been very serious these last 2 weeks.  On Friday school will be over for a few months.  Time to sleep in a bit.  Time to smell the flowers, time to get back to work mode!


smaller pearl featured at Barbara & Co

I am being featured at a local woman’s boutique, Barbara & Co, along with 2 other local jewelers.  They do have this pearl there for sale.  I hope to make a few more this week yet!!  Also, the Colorado Potters Show & Sale went really well.  I featured some of my metal clay jewelry in the show and also lots of olive dishes, salt bowls, and trays. I have been selling my big pearls,  the smaller ones are popular as well, as seen above.

large pearl, sold

I had a second foot surgery on Wednesday.  The first one was last October, for a Morton’s neuroma.  After the recovery and skiing this last season, my foot was still in lots of pain.  So I opted to have the other neuroma removed.  No major exercise for 6 to 8 weeks.  I’ve been laying around with my foot up for the last few days.  I have a few orders to work on, so will try & work at my desk, and take some time to elevate my foot.

our postcard, created by Candice

hours & information

It’s a new month and I will attempt to blog more, create more and be in touch more.  My achievement to date, 100 posts on my blog. I feel like I’ve caught up a bit these past few weeks.  It was also April birthday month, lots of April birthdays to celebrate, including mine.  I still have a few special orders on my desk, and work to be made.  Photos to be taken.  Orders to fill.  Does it ever feel like you are completely finished with everything–especially when you are a self-employed artist?  And your studio is in your home?  I always find myself working at something, even when I think I’m taking a break.  But the best part about this life, no cubicle to sit in, looking at the walls!

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