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my work area for beading

What is your work area like?  Clean, messy, cluttered?  Work space is always a challenge for most artists.  I have a very small room to work in, along one wall is this set up for beading, stringing.  Opposite this area is another long desk that I use to work on metal clay.  I’m always looking for things to help me get more organized.  And I need music, so I have this old TV, which is has an am/fm radio, although since the networks went digital, the TV no longer works.  I also love listening to Pandora Radio, or iTunes.  Some of the artists on my current play lists are:  Brazilian Girls, Zero 7, Sia, Girish.  My music is as diverse as my book collection!


Copper & sterling braceletI finished this bracelet today in the metal studio.  After putting a drill bit into my finger, and removing a few rivets, it is finished!  I like the way the metal crinkled, we did that in a hydraulic press.  And the sterling strips are great, along with a few sterling rivets and a few copper rivets.  This photo was taken with my Sony Cybershot point & shoot.  I placed it in the diffuser and took about a dozen or more shots, but this isn’t bad!  I usually use a Nikon with a macro lens.  A year or so ago I bought an extra camera battery, and having the spare charged & ready is a really good idea.  Today I found the spare without charge, so thought I’d try the small camera–not bad!!


Funny collection atop one of the book cases in my workroom.  My high school picture, my son’s freshmen picture, a hanging guy & a kite, some old friends in So Cal, Duke, Donna, Evan & myself.  The Joy of Yiddish, Opera 101, a few books on that shelf–what can I say–I have varied interests.  Oh —– and an autographed poster of the infamous Anthony Bourdain, with large bone.  That’s another story!

My motto to live by…..”Fear No Art” from the of Contemporary Museum of Art, Chicago—– lots of stuff !

forged sterling silver bracelet

I went into metal studio today & made this bracelet from 8 gauge round sterling silver wire.  It was about 3 hour project that required no annealing, just pounding, drilling and riveting some 16 gauge wire.  The top opens on a hinge rivet.  The project is featured in an old Lapidary Journal magazine.  Thought I’d try forging metal again, and I’m getting better at rivets.  The metal studio is heated & has amazing equipment at one’s disposal.  It’s a great break from the metal clay world, and my coldio garagio studio.  I have another riveting project in progress.  The other challenge was taking a photo.  Need to work on getting the glare out of the metal.

Open fired copper clay, many pieces cracked

Cracked CopprClay

These pieces were in my first copper clay firing.  I used an open shelf firing schedule, and then put the pieces in the stainless steel box with carbon added.  The second firing was successful, I did use the schedule provided withe the clay.


As you may have noticed, I’ve been trying to post a daily blog.  This month, I’ve recorded 14 new posts!

My back yard on a snowy February eve, my ceramics pieces and a few other things,
trying to survive one more winter.
Reminds me of a song.....
In the bleak midwinter, frost wind made moan,
earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone;
snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow,
in the bleak midwinter, long ago.

CC bird bath

CC bird house

purchased in Steamboat Springs, CO, unknown artist

CC fountain

raku feeder made by Jean Boch

Tortured Heart

I put on my photographers hat yesterday to see if I could get the lighting right to shoot some more photos.  I bought another light, and decided to go back to the original set-up that worked before.  It definitely is a challenge, because each shot is unique.  Shooting my big pearls is really hard, especially when the center of the pearl has a large bright spot!  I try not to doctor the pictures in Photoshop, but I may have to tone down the pearls.  Hopefully I can update my website soon, it’s been so long since I did that.  And I’d like to get more things on my Etsy shop. Work, work, work!

thrown COPPRclay bowl

I thought I’d post this picture, because back in October of 2009, I posted this bowl before I fired it.

Needless to say, it cracked and the spoon cracked, and I probably would not use the open firing schedule again for COPPRclay.  Many items in that first firing cracked.  The next batch I did, I used the schedule suggested for COPPRclay, in the carbon, in the stainless steel pan.  Nothing cracked in the subsequent firing.


Maybe Scooter has the right idea, curl up, make the world go away.  I have been trying to get rid of a cold and have been camping out daily with reading material, my laptop, and the cats.  This issue of Time magazine has some interesting articles about aging.  The TV show ‘The Doctors’ talked yesterday about the importance of drinking water & not being dehydrated.  I think curling up into a ball & getting a good rest might be a good idea.  By the way, this is Meka’s bed, the female cat of the house, Scooter nabbed it for now.

In Tucson at AGTA, I found a inexpensive scale to replace the one I’ve had for years that died.  It was $38.25, a bit larger than my old one but weighs items up to 5000 grams.  GemOro, Platinum Pro5000

GemOro scale, under $40.00

El Capitan & friends

Tucson is amazing–I found this trio at Brad Davis Antiques, at such a good price, I had to send them home.  There were similar statues, much larger, at the African Village as well.  Fedex got them here without much trouble.  The new flat rate shipping boxes with the USPS, postal service is another fantastic way to send your goodies back.  I found a ton of brass chain, stones, and copper this year.

chain, rocks, copper

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