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Looking ahead to next month, I have two shows:

 Golden Fine Arts Festival, August 15 & 16.

Evergreen Fine Arts Festival, August 29 & 30 

Stop by and say hello.

Hopefully in the next week, I will again have iPhoto, Photoshop, etc.  Thank goodness for Time Machine, which has backed up my data. Still need to get my e-mail address book, etc.  Okay, I really feel for folks who have had this happen in the past.  For me, it is a new experience, and I will learn from it.

My new mantra:  Patience………. Patience……… Ommmmmmmmm



If you are looking for something to do over the weekend, head up to Boulder & say hello. I am in booth #16. Sorry for the late notice as my computer’s hard drive CRASHED, and had to be repaired. I’ve had this trusty Mac PowerBook for 6 years. It’s been my devoted companion, my side kick, my LIFE!!!! It’s very odd how darn important it becomes! Anyway, I still do not have email, but I’m working on that!

Here is an image, from an artist who does wonderful rock & wood carvings, Dawn Sorrell:

from the Boulder show, July 25 & 26.

Okay–not even WordPress  is working right!!!!  The photo should be at the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I recently cast  3 sizes of my bezel cups, from my original PMC pieces to sterling silver, and just finished a series of collages, and then filled the cups with Ice Resin, from Susan Lenart Kazmer.    They turned out great!  I was using a heat lamp to hasten the curing, and the lamp got too hot in one area, and LARGE bubbles appeared in the pieces too close to the heat lamp.  Ice Resin is a nice, clear resin to use.

Which photo works?  I am trying to take “casual” shots of my jewelry, not using my desktop photo studio set up.  Also, resin pieces are really hard to shoot because of the glare.  Which one works for you?


bclayOkay–this batch had sooo many colors–and the last batch, if you look for the yellowish oval piece towards the left corner, almost all came out goldish.  I have been packing the container, layering charcoal over the pieces until I have the container filled to the brim.  This time I inverted the lid, to make more of a seal, so to speak, and wow–the colors!!  The dusty blues are awesome!!  You can see some of the fired pieces from the sunshine drying photo below in the older post.

On a hot sunny Denver day, temperature about 90 degrees, my drying method has been to set the bronze clay pieces out in the sun to dry. It’s really fast, if you turn the pieces occasionally.  Hockey puck on the left, jar lid on the right, the black attracts the heat.

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