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Waiting for an oil change at the car dealer recently, I picked up a magazine called Fast Company, on the cover was an interesting looking guy wearing a beaded necklace (love that!).  He’s the Dutch designer, Marcel Wanders.  This issue features “Masters of Design”.  In the article on Marcel, he discusses, “the anxiety of the creative act”, and says, “You could, if you wanted, always be scared.  There’s a piece of white paper, and I have to make a design about something I have no idea about.  That’s when we say fu#@#@##@@##!!!!”  


As an artist, opening up that package of fresh metal clay, or that bag of porcelain, we are faced with that “blank canvas”.  The anxiety of the creative act looms over us.  And you could always be afraid.  We have to dare to be productive, dare to be creative!  And most of all —  dare not to procastinate!


I enjoyed traveling to Tucson early February,  shopping, and eating lots of Mexican food. I took a class using resin with Susan Lenart Kazmer.  It was a quick inspiring 3 hour class.  Susan’s work is amazing!  I also had time to read a book and start another, get some ski & snowshoe days in, in the Colorado mountains. 

My teenage son had my good camera & took a pic of my 15 year old cat, Jewel, sitting in the sun.  She’s a Bengal, has stunning green eyes and an orange coat.  She’s a retired breeding female and has a long lineage, which I recently found on line.  It’s amazing what you can find on the internet!

I’m working on some new metal clay pieces, hopefully will finish those & post soon.

Forest Run Jungle Jewel

Forest Run Jungle Jewel

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