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My garage studio was just about the right temperature today to start up my torch & make some beads.  I had about 4 hours at the torch.  I am working on beads for canape knives & forks, hence all the barrel shaped beads.  I’m still enamored with fuming the glass with fine silver.  Now, to pull off the mandrels and clean beads….

The mailman brought me a new book today, “The Creative License”, Giving yourself Permission to be the Artist you Truly Are, by Danny Gregory.  His drawings are free & amazing; his words, inspiring & thought provoking.  Oh, and wait, on the back cover, another reminder of one of my favorite sayings lately….”giving up the expectation of perfection…..”  

Give up perfection!  

I’ll leave you with that thought…..


I recently fired this batch of bronze peace signs and the colors came out a surprise, albeit great!  I used a steel burnisher to highlight the raised edges.  This batch was done in the coconut based charcoal, for 2 hours.


Okay, I’ve been having a creative slump lately and looking for inspiration, and curled up behind me in my chair, is Scooter, a wonder of nature.  His coat has amazing orange highlights.  If only I could capture that  color in my work….

Life can be a huge distraction, so it goes.  I’ve managed to find myself without motivation lately.  Any suggestions–please let me know!  Tomorrow is a day to make time and space for my art.  As the busy season approaches, new ideas must hatch.  I’ve returned to my sketch book, which I used heavily in the early months of last year.  After the holidays, one of the most busy seasons, when everything slows down, the journal comes in handy when inspiration and motivation run thin.  A box of colored pencils come in handy and liven up the pages.

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