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How does that song go…”sometimes I feel like … somebody’s watching me.”  Cat in the tree watching me, waiting for me to finish up in my studio so he can go to bed, Scooter that is.  Scooter is a 6 year old male bengal cat with amazing golden colored eyes and beautiful spots.  My other cat Jewel, is a 15 year old female bengal cat.  She is an amazing orange spotted cat with lime green eyes.  You can find her lineage online, as she is a retired breeder.  They keep me company in my studio in the house, since they both stay indoors.  

I’ve been working on silver metal clay and photo polymer sheets.  I’ll post some pics after the firing.  Still have a batch of bronze clay to fire as well.  As the Duke used to say “Fire ’em up!”


Ever come back from the Gem Show & think–I cannot remember what I spent??  Or that you’d like to forget what you spent?  Well, needless to say, I have not yet added up my purchases.  I did find some amazing chain and carved stones, and cabachons to work with in metal clay.  And a few things I didn’t need.  

I started working again with B-Mix, a white stoneware clay.  Our Guild sale is fast approaching.  I am working on more platters similar to this one:

Hey, I was able to post a few pictures!

More later, cc


I’m back in the studio pounding on metal, feels good.  I have a very handy small torch to solder with that fits on top of a small propane bottle.  As soon as I figure out how to post a photo that shows up on the page, I will do so.

Metal clay is so forgiving & free form, as soon as I start to shape sterling wire, and texture it with a hammer, I’m reminded of the ease of metal clay.

Tomorrow starts the biggest wholesale gem & jewelry show of the fall, time to stock up on things for the holiday sale season.

What a busy summer!  As a jeweler, I was juried into four art shows, Boulder over the 4th of July, Beaver Creek, Frisco & Golden, all in August.  I met some great people along the way and got my new work in front of a new audience. The most common comment was, “your work is so different”. I love hearing that!

Since then, I’ve been working with the new Bronze Clay, and fired my first batch.  The pieces came out lovely.  I used a Green Patina and here is one of the pieces.

First bronze clay piece, patina added after firing

I have a busy fall season approaching, the Colorado Potters Fall Show & Sale is coming up, November 6, 7, and 8.  Check out the website for my profile:

I will host a big sale at my house in December.

Check back for more calendar events!

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